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Developing ideas. Delivering solutions.

Welcome to Ingredion Asia Pacific. We are a global ingredient solutions company making sweeteners, starches and unique ingredients from plant sources such as corn, tapioca, rice, sago and potato. We provide solutions and innovate for almost 60 industry sectors across more than 40 countries.

Our passion is delivering innovative, cost effective ingredient solutions to keep you ahead of trends. Let’s see what’s possible working together.

Welcome to the new Ingredion website

Experience a fresh way of looking at consumer needs and today’s trends. Discover innovative ways to solve your challenges.

Move from ideas to solutions — starting here.

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Health and nutrition

Support robust health, one delicious product at a time


Save money. Maintain quality. Enjoy success.

Clean and simple

Deliciousness and clean label expertise.
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Experience food and drink

Deliver the most appealing eating and drinking experiences.

Remove to improve

Reduce. Replace. Marvel in the nutritious and delicious results.

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently.
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Help your dairy product stand out in a crowd

Emulsification and encapsulation

The latest delivery systems for flavours and active ingredients

Paper & board

Continuing innovation with a broad range of papermaking starches
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